Trial and Error Award

Last Tuesday, I was happy to win the first “Trial and Error” award from the Utrecht Young Academy and the Journal of Trial and Error for an article on the effect of distracted eating on snack behavior that I wrote with my colleagues at Leiden University and Ruhr University Bochum.

The prize was created to recognize the important role of failure – or trial and error – in scientific research and aims to create a healthier research environment and publication culture by encouraging researchers to publish their negative and null results.

ScienceGuide wrote a piece (in Dutch) about the award and the winning article:

The article itself can be read here:
https://journal…snack/release/1 show less

New job = website update

In June 2023 I have started a new position as researcher and project leader at the data science team at Wageningen Food Safety Research. I have received such a warm welcome and am very curious what the next years will bring.

This also meant that after 4 years my time at the Social, Organisational and Economic Psychology group of Leiden University has come to an end. Thanks to the whole group for a great and inspiring time, and in particular to my colleagues for the mentorship and collaborations, both past and ongoing.